Release the pain and create the life you desire.

Karen Street


Art of Alignment has been a resource for adults suffering from chronic pain and diseases across central Texas for over ten years. At Art of Alignment, you will find a partner who is dedicated to helping you navigate the source of your pain and eliminating it. The Art of Alignment is owned and operated by Karen Street an 18-year veteran occupational therapist, craniosacral therapist (CST) and Theta Healing® expert. Karen offers a very practical and empowering therapeutic approach that has profoundly helped her clients live dynamic, pain-free and vibrant lives after treatment.

Karen earned her Occupational Therapy degree from the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. For 18-years she has sharpened her skills while practicing in hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing homes and medical centers across the United States. After shattering her ankle in an accident, Karen sought alternative means to healing her pain and her shattered bones. She sought help from a craniosacral therapist who guided her through the process of releasing her pain and healing her ankle 33% faster than her medical doctor expected. From that point on, Karen believed she had more gifts to offer her clients. Karen believed her true gifts were healing others in pain and set out to deliver transformative healing through her life’s work. So, in 2000 she founded the Art of Alignment therapy and treatment organization. She has helped many clients who suffer with chronic, acute or nagging pain heal themselves, she can help you.

For more information about the Art of Alignment programs or therapies we offer, please call (512) 293-8292 or use our contact form.