How different would your life be if you were no longer in pain?


The overwhelming majority of clients that I work with are in some form or fashion of discomfort or pain. The pain may show up physically, i.e. headaches, neck/shoulder/back soreness, tightness or pain, sinus problems, decreased energy. Or, it may show up emotionally, i.e., having difficulty with children, unable to change things in my marriage, emotional responses not matching the situation. Or, it may show up spiritually, i.e., my life feels off track.

While pain can be experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually, sooner or later the emotional and spiritual pain will manifest itself in the body if not resolved. We have a tendency to wait until we are in physical pain before we seek help. More often than not we tend to wait until we are in a significant amount of pain before we seek help.

A great many of us live with chronic nagging pain for years. Usually thinking it is “normal” to be in this type of pain, especially after a certain age or once I’m injured I can get better but I’ll never be the same.

Would you be surprised to know that the body, mind and spirit can experience a state of pain-free health and wellness at any age? Would you like to experience that yourself?

Burden of Pain on Every Day Life

The ultimate burden of pain on our every day life is that we end up not having the time, energy, motivation and/or physical capability to do the things we really want to do. Therefore we spend most of our time and energy just trying our best to make it through the day and what we have to do. Since we don’t have time and energy for everything we tend to prioritize the needs of the ones we love first and leave ourselves for last or never. Being last or never on the list can create it’s own special kind of pain.

Why Are We in Chronic Nagging Pain?

There are many reasons we end up experiencing persistent or intermittent nagging pain. In my experience there are four major components contributing to nagging chronic pain.

They are physical injuries, unresolved emotional issues, holding onto resentments and regrets and holding onto belief systems that are no longer serving you. Creating a lasting change is hard when your subconscious mind believes that holding onto all of these is serving you.

Often times we think that old injuries from falls or car accidents were minor or insignificant because they happened so long ago and we didn’t even have to go to the hospital. I’ve found that seemingly insignificant, old injuries can continue having very significant effects on the body. The body continues to hold onto the stress, tension and anxiety while doing it’s best to guard and protect you from further injury as if it is still in the moment of impact. Releasing the nervous system from these holding patterns allows the body to release pent up stress, tension and pain.

The stress and tension of old unresolved emotional issues also get stored in the body and can create significant pain especially when external stress from life situations increases.

A woman recently came in complaining of nagging neck and shoulder pain. She felt it was due to too many hours at the computer. During the session we discovered the source of the pain was actually old emotional issues between she and her husband. We also discovered the beliefs anchoring these emotions, keeping her trapped in disempowering thoughts and behavior patterns. By changing her beliefs her neck and shoulder pain were resolved. She reported feeling a sense of new possibilities with these old issues and an overall sense of peace.

Holding onto resentments and regrets can create an extraordinary amount of physical pain. Sometimes we are consciously aware of our resentments and regrets and other times we’re not. Even when we feel we have consciously addressed a resentment or regret, the subconscious might still be holding on to it and that’s where we will do our work. Even the tiniest amount of resentment can block us from having the experience of complete forgiveness for ourselves and others. Lack of forgiveness inhibits the healing process.

And then there are the belief systems we hold in our subconscious minds contributing to the pain we experience. Our beliefs create our thoughts and feelings, which directly impact the outcomes we experience. For example, if you believe it is not possible to heal completely then you will end up only seeking solutions that ease your pain temporarily rather than a complete healing.

I enjoy using modalities that target all four area for complete results.

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