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So excited to finally have a website.  I have been thinking about websites and trying to come up with content for about eight years with very little success.  Working on copy brought back memories of being in school and having to write papers.  The papers all had hard deadlines and while I didn’t especially enjoy writing them I wasn’t about to trash my grade by not doing them.  The copy for a website had no real deadline.  I thought hiring people to help me with the project would make it so quick and easy.  I actually have a website so it definitely made it quicker and easier but somehow it was still a lot of time, energy and effort – especially when it came to the copy.

Working with others on the copy gave me the opportunity to figure out what I really wanted, to get over my need to please others and to grow up and embrace the role of business woman.  In the end it only took eight years of being tortured by the thought of sitting down to do my own copy and paying two other people to write copy for me to finally sit down and write it myself.

Over the past eight years I had twice made down payments for websites and both times walked away empty handed.  This time I had a feeling that I was actually going to end up with a completed site. Initially, I was very excited.  So, every time I was asked to do something I did it immediately.  Then, as time went on and I was completing assignment after assignment, some part of me began to realize that if I kept this up I was really going to have a website, I was really going to be ‘out there’ and this particular part of me wasn’t so excited about that idea anymore.  From that moment on some days felt light and easy and some days felt heavy and stress filled.  On the stress filled days it was hard to get any work done.

Throughout the entire project I vacillated between excitement and anxiety, joy and stress.  Just in case all the work and decisions that go into creating a website weren’t enough I decided to work on revamping my business as well.  Oh, and I’m pregnant with our first child.  But I’m not sure why I was having moments of anxiety J.  During a few anxious days I finally figured out that multi tasking was just not working for me on these projects.  I needed to take one step at a time, focus on it and complete it then move to the next. So, now with the website launched and the first blog under my belt I breath a sigh of relief, take a short break for the holidays and get ready for what comes next.