Connect to your whole being, discover the source of your pain and align with your body's remarkable capacity to heal from within.

Theta Healing®

Theta Healing® allows for change to happen quickly and easily. It will release you from the beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that may have helped you in the past but are now no longer serving you. It will allow you to be the person you were created to be.

Theta Healing® is about eliminating the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s about working with how the belief systems held in your subconscious that are making it extremely difficult for you to consciously create the life you desire.

Pain can be experienced physically, emotionally and spiritually. Theta Healing® helps you to discover the core of your pain, to change the beliefs that are holding the pain in place and to release it form your body, mind & spirit.

Theta Healing® is a powerful and fun, non-invasive, healing modality used to help you discover what’s going on in your subconscious. Once we find the belief systems that are anchoring you into disempowering thoughts and behavior patterns, we are going to use the Theta brainwave pattern to connect with Source Energy, which allows us to facilitate change quickly and easily.

Theta Healing® gets its name from the fact that the practitioner goes into the Theta brainwave, a deep meditative state, to access and change beliefs instantaneously. Vianna Stibal, the creator of Theta Healing®, feels that this form of healing has been available to us for generations but that it hasn’t always been understood.

There are 5 known brainwaves:

  • Beta – active and alert state, when you are thinking, talking and communicating.
  • Alpha – the bridge between Beta and Theta, a relaxed, meditative state of mind, daydreaming, detached awareness.
  • Theta – very deep meditative state
  • Delta – deep sleep
  • Gamma – were we process information

When we are in the Theta State we are able to learn, adapt and shift very quickly.

We use muscle testing to gain access to your subconscious. When you make a statement that resonates as truth to your subconscious your muscles get stronger. When you make a statement that resonates as false to your subconscious, your muscles weaker.

People are often surprised by the beliefs that are uncovered and wonder how they could possibly have them. When we are between the ages of zero and seven, we spend most of our time in a theta state learning and adapting quickly to our environment allowing us to survive. The brain, at this tender age is focused on safety and security and will allow us to absorb ideas that will benefit us. Problems can occur when the subconscious stays focused on the beliefs that worked for us at that young age but no longer support us in adulthood. When this happens, the subconscious and conscious minds are no longer in alignment.

The Subconscious mind makes up 88% of our brain activity and the conscious mind only 12%. It’s easy to see that when these two are out of alignment the subconscious ultimately wins.

Most of us don’t realize the role we are playing in the creation and maintenance of our problems, our pain and our suffering. We don’t tend to realize it because it is happening subconsciously. Most of what we experience in our day-to-day lives is the manifestation of the beliefs we are holding in our subconscious mind. These beliefs generate our thoughts and our feelings, which in turn, generate our actions or lack of action.

Through Theta Healing®, I’m simply helping you to bring into alignment your conscious world and your subconscious mind. Making it tremendously easier for you to create and experience the life you consciously desire.

During a session we will identify limiting or disempowering beliefs, I will then go into the Theta brainwave state, connect with the Creative Source of the Universe and witness the beliefs change. Again, when we are in the Theta State, we are able to connect, learn and shift quickly.

It’s efficient, It’s effective, It’s fun, It’s powerful

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