Are you ready to open yourself up to new possibilities for your life?

Virtual Sessions

VIRTUAL SESSIONS are recorded sessions.  They are a convenient way to make some profound changes in your life when you are not able to participate with live group or one on one sessions You can receive all the belief changes and downloads just by listening.  How is this possible you ask – – I don’t know how it works, I only know that it does.  I have experienced it and know many others who have experienced it as well. It’s a God thing.


Some helpful basic information to make your session successful.

– Be well hydrated.  Drink plenty of water
– Get comfortable.  Find a quiet place you can relax without interruptions.
– Establish your consistent ‘yes’ and ‘no’ with the muscle testing. (see video below)
– Remember if muscle testing becomes inconsistent zip yourself up, tap your thymus and/or drink water.
(see video below)


Here’s a short video demonstrating self-muscle testing.

If you have scheduled an individual phone session, a group session, purchased a virtual session or would simply like to be able to muscle test yourself so you can find out what’s going on in your own subconscious this video shows you how to do it.  Being able to muscle test yourself allows you to better participate with the process.


For anyone who’s knew to Theta Healing there are three beliefs we always test and change first.  They are:

An instantaneous healing is possible.

I deserve an instantaneous healing

I want an instantaneous healing.

If this is your first Theta Healing session or you have never tested/changed these before you will need to listen to this very short audio recording.  We will quickly change any of them that are ‘no’ for you and you will be ready to start your session.

Virtual Session 3 Beliefs to Start


Virtual Sessions:

God – $40.00

This is a powerful session identifying many old, disempowering and untrue beliefs you have no idea you held about God. Releasing them brings you into alignment with God’s truth, strengthens your connection with God as well as your own inner knowing and truth.  Examples of some subconscious beliefs that you might be completely unaware you’re holding about God:  ‘It’s not safe for me to trust God’, ‘I don’t deserve God’s love’, ‘God is punishing me’.  Can you see the impact these type of beliefs would have on your relationship with God and in your life?

Money – $40.00

So many of us are walking around with beliefs like ‘money is the root of all evil’, ‘I don’t deserve to have money’, ‘I am obligated to be poor’ in our subconscious mind and then we are surprised when we have problems with money.  Identify and change the beliefs that have been disempowering you with money and change your relationship with money forever.

Resentment – $40.00

Holding onto old resentments, no matter how old and petty or small they may seem to you now, can create physical pain as well as hold you back in every aspect of your life.  Releasing them and allowing forgiveness enables you to move forward with ease.
As a bonus, before you listen to this session make a list of people/events for which you are holding resentment.

I recommend sitting in meditation for a time and asking what resentments you are holding. Some of the resentments we hold are very big for us and we are completely area we are holding them.  Most of us are also holding onto resentments that are very small but resentments, none-the-less.  Even the smallest resentment will have a negative impact on you.  For example, ‘I resent my brother for eating the last cookie’ (when you were 5 yrs old), ‘I resent my mother for making me wear a dress on picture day’.  You may be surprised what comes up. Whatever you get, just use the muscle testing.  If you test yes, write it down and we’ll clear that resentment.  As well as download forgiveness.

God, Money and Resentment (Bundle) – $100.00

Receive all three virtual sessions as a single bundle.