Who Is Karen Street?

Karen Street is a ThetaHealing practitioner living and working out of Austin, Texas.  This is a summary of her journey to becoming the healer you see today.

Looking back from where she is now, Karen realizes she has been on a 27 year journey to resolve pain at its source. She began very literally addressing physical pain in the body by studying Occupational Therapy at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, TX and practicing in traditional rehab settings around the country for many years.

While working at St. David’s Hospital in Austin, Texas a coworker signed up for a continuing education course in CranioSacral and asked if Karen would like to join her. Discovering CranioSacral Therapy was the turning point Karen’s journey as a healer. The two women started applying everything they learned at training to their regular therapy practice as well as treating co workers and accumulating wonderful results. Karen’s passion for learning was ignited by these results and she voraciously acquired more and more knowledge of gentle healing techniques and practices.  

Another course altering discovery came after a head-on collision on the highway left Karen with a crushed ankle, minor head injury and major whiplash. Due to her experience with CranioSacral she chose to seek  alternative therapies instead of the physical therapy her traditional doctors recommended. It was with the help of these gentle alternatives that she was able to have the screws that had been put in her ankle removed after only 6 short months instead of the Dr. estimated year and a half. Additionally the alternative therapies treated more than just her ankle, they also addressed pain in her back, neck, and the severe emotional trauma associated with being in such a life threatening accident. During this time that Ishe truly came to understand the value of helping without causing more pain, and how emotional pain and stress create physical pain. It was in this phase of healing that she learned how releasing emotional pain and stress, releases physical pain from the body. 

From this point forward Karen had been enjoying a thriving practice as a massage therapist and CranioSacral when the Universe sent her a new technique. Karen met a woman in her singing group who introduced her to ThetaHealing and her journey took another turn for the better! Through ThetaHealing, Karen discovered how to access the subconscious mind in order to release the anchor of unwanted patterns, clear the emotional charge from past events and experience forgiveness at the level of the subconscious mind. This practice took her clients healing to incredible new heights. You can read a small sampling of their experiences by reading the testimonials included here on the website.

Karen says “It is an honor and a privilege to be a part of another woman’s healing journey. It is a great joy to be able to help women get unstuck and regain their sense of empowerment, inner knowing,  success, fulfillment and happiness.” She truly looks forward to working with you.